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Social media promotions use social media and paid ads to attract consumers to your products or services. Businesses using social media want to sell their products or services by advertising on social media and in most cases to use other methods to promote themselves. To use social media marketing effectively, businesses have to be perceived as members of the social media community, willing to interact with other members. The main problem with social media marketing from a business perspective is that it can be incredibly time-consuming. Social media marketing campaigns are not a one shot process. They need to be nurtured over time. While big businesses have been using social media marketing effectively, they have the kinds of marketing budgets that allow them to assign x number of staff to conduct and manage social media marketing campaigns, resources that a lot of small businesses don’t have. Still, social media marketing is a type of marketing that many small businesses could benefit from, if only to find out more about what their customers are thinking – and saying – about their brand and their products.


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