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PPC Advertising

PPC is a type of sponsored online advertising that is used where the advertiser only pays if a web user clicks on their ad. Pay Per Click PPC is a very cost-effective means to increasing their website traffic while other Internet marketing strategies are helping their site achieve their natural ranking potential. PPC advertising works like an auction. Advertisers place bids on keywords or phrases that they think their potential customers are looking for either a specific good, service or message. In search engines, a PPC ad is generally just above or to the right of the search results where they can be easily seen. The difference between PPC ads and natural search results organic search results are where they are displayed on a page search engines results. Paid traffic ads will often be placed at the top and or the right hand column. Pay per click ads also level the playing field like no other form of advertising. A small local company can within their budget bid alongside much larger companies with enormous advertising budgets and gain the edge they need to get noticed in their local or national markets.

Google Adwords

Google’s AdWords online advertising program lets you reach new customers and grow your business. Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places ads at the top, bottom, or beside, the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query. Choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad. You can also attract potential customers by adding your business address, phone number, and map to your ad. This makes it easier for people to find and visit your business. AdWords can help… read more

Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook are shown to specific groups of people on desktop and mobile. When your ads have creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. When someone sees your ad it could boost your page posts or expand the audience for your ads on Facebook. Find the right customers for your product or service by driving sales on your website or in your store. Reach people in cities, countries and communities where you want to do business. Choose the audience for your ad based on demographics like age, gender, education and more… read more

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are displayed on the only search engine that searches across all devices, creating an experience that delivers the information people need. Bing tries to utilize our partnerships with Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo and to create new experiences for searchers like Bing Smart Search in Windows 8.1. Bing Ads uses the Microsoft and Yahoo network. Bing Ads lets you target users by mobile device and connect with consumers. The Yahoo Bing Network user makes frequent purchase decisions online. Bing Ads offers one of the best ad opportunities to reach potential customers. Pay per Click advertising like Bing Ads you can create ads and bid on keywords and get potential customers to visit your website. Bing Ads can help you accomplish this by having your ad appear at the top of the search results page.

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